Our seder is fully focused on Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah of the whole world – Jews and Gentiles. You will see…


Our Passover seder includes all of the traditional elements found in a typical Jewish seder. As such, it is rather…


As parents, it is critical to us that our seder is accessible for the whole family to understand and enjoy!…

Feedback from Previous Years

  • “WOW-WOW-WOW!!!! Thank you for sharing and serving the Passover.  My wife and I were so very blessed.  Your labor of love was very apparent and it was just a marvelous and beautiful time. We felt like little kids afterward wanting to tell everyone. We made a great connection with the ladies sitting at our table. Thank you for all of your incredible efforts.”

    – James
  • “Thank you for such a lovely presentation and wonderful evening. It is amazing to see the representation of Christ in the Passover meal.”

    – Melissa
  • “It was really interesting to celebrate with so many people, the largest number of people I have celebrated Passover with before was about 30. I also really liked sitting with and talking to people who I had never met before and seeing where they were at in their walk with Messiah and Torah. Each table was set up beautifully and that definitely added to the Feast as a whole!”

    – Anonymous